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Dr Franz B. Humer, Chairman of the Foundation Board

When doctoral candidates are settling on the topic for their thesis, most of them set their sights high. I believe that there are four underlying criteria that determine whether these students will be successful and will be able to write a dissertation whose content will remain relevant.
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UNIVERSITY SALZBURG − European Union Studies
At present the Humer Foundation is supporting the following six doctoral students: |  read more »

At present the Humer Foundation is supporting the following three doctoral students: |  read more »


The Humer-Foundation is currently concentrating its support on doctoral theses within the research focus of the Universities of Salzburg (Europe) and Basel (Africa). We are therefore not in a position to accept other kinds of applications.


In 2018, the following theses made possible by our Foundation were completed:

Melanie Boehi − The South African botanical complex: botany, knowledge and power in South Africa in the 20th and 21st centuries

Cal Le Gal − Testing and Comparing Different Explanations in EU-Issue Voting; The Role of the Attribution of Responsibility

FRANCESCO GALLETTI − Varieties of Capitalism and the EMU Crisis: Assessing the Domestic Adjustments Variation

Domenika Majorowski − The European Stability Mechanism – A crisis resolution mechanism

Tobias Weiss − Capturing the sun. Journalism and nuclear power in Japan

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