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Dr Franz B. Humer, Chairman of the Foundation Board

Even just a few years ago, most doctoral candidates planned, researched and wrote their theses in the rooms and laboratories of their respective universities. Extended stays abroad working on theses were the exception, not the rule. However, as our co-operation with the Universities of Zurich, Salzburg and Basel shows – this trend has changed fundamentally. Most of the young scientists that we have been fortunate enough to support since 2007 have spent at least a year living abroad during their thesis. Whether they chose Asia, Africa or Europe, I am convinced that the insights resulting from these stays abroad have significantly enhanced the quality of the individual pieces of work.
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At present the Humer Foundation is supporting the following two doctoral students: |  read more »

UNIVERSITY SALZBURG − European Union Studies
At present the Humer Foundation is supporting the following six doctoral students: |  read more »

At present the Humer Foundation is supporting the following three doctoral students: |  read more »


The Humer-Foundation is currently concentrating its support on doctoral theses within the research focus of the Universities of Zurich (Asia and Europe), Salzburg (Europe) and Basel (Africa). We are therefore not in a position to accept other kinds of applications.


In 2017, the following theses made possible by our Foundation were completed:

MOTAZ ALNAOUQ − The Right to Life in the Palestinian Society: The Case of Death Penalty from Comparative Human Rights Perspective

CHRISTOPHER BARRATT − Biodiversity patterns and conservation of the coastal forests of Eastern Africa

FRANCESCO GALLETTI − Varieties of Capitalism and the EMU Crisis: Assessing the Domestic Adjustments Variation

AMIR HAMID − Mediating Desire. Yusuf al-Qaradawi and the Circulation of Norms on Gender & Sexuality in the Transnational Muslim Public

ELIZA ISABAEVA − Negotiating Illegality: Re-Production of State Structures in an Illegal Squatter Settlement in Bishkek

HENDRIK JUNGMANN − Company Taxation in Europe: Evidence from Microdata

TOBIAS WEISS − Capturing the sun. Journalism and nuclear power in Japan

JAMES WILHELM − EU Issue Voting in National Elections

VLADIMIR WINGATE − Remote sensing environmental change in southern African savannahs: A case study of Namibia

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