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Urs Lauffer, executive member of the Foundation Board

Our Foundation, set up in spring 2007, aims to fund talented young scholars in Switzerland, Austria and other European countries, on an exclusively non-profit basis. This is done in close co-operation with the universities in Salzburg and Basel. Our partnership with the University of Zurich came to an end last year.

In 2018, the University of Salzburg received a sum of EUR 210 000. This support enabled six candidates to continue their doctoral work at the Salzburg Centre of European Union Studies during the year under review. Our Foundation has once again supported the University of Basel with a grant of CHF 100 000 for the key research topic “Africa“. This sum was used to fund three doctoral candidates.

We deeply value the intensive collaboration with the relevant staff at these universities. This is the best way to ensure the quality of the individual research projects, which is regularly monitored by the professors involved. The Humer Foundation therefore still does not consider applications sent directly to it by doctoral candidates.

During the year under review, the Foundation Board met in two sessions, in Salzburg and Arlesheim. The main focus was the evaluation and approval of requests for financial support for doctoral candidates, which was undertaken on the basis of thorough, balanced assessments made by the two universities. In addition, the Foundation’s statutory business (annual accounts, yearly review, auditor’s report, elections) was dealt with.

Furthermore, the Foundation Board periodically reviews the success of funding activities, in the presence of professors and individual doctoral candidates. In doing so, we assess both the effectiveness and efficiency of our work, thus measuring the usefulness and the economic efficiency of the allocation of our Foundation’s resources. Based on this, and using specific individual cases as templates, we then define our Foundation’s goals for the new financial year. And finally, we also deal with all financial issues and risks (including investment principles, which are regularly reviewed and adjusted), and oversee the work of our office.

At the end of 2018, the organisation’s capital totalled around CHF 2.2 million. This represents a smaller decline than originally expected thanks to a balanced financial result in the year under review. In this light, the Foundation Board believes that our Foundation can continue its activities until the end of 2022, although the organisation’s capital will inevitably be reduced further over these years.

The office is managed by Lauffer & Frischknecht, a communication management consultancy, on a consultative basis. Stéphanie Ramel takes care of the administration, and Fritz Frischknecht, MA Econ., is responsible for the accounts department. Swiss GAAP FER 21 is used for the annual financial statements.




in CHF

  2018 2017 2016
Financial support 388 000 531 000 629 000
Annual result -366 000 -294 000 -548 000
Organisational capital 2 231 000 2 601 000 2 929 000

Since it was established in 2007, the Foundation has provided financial support totalling around CHF 7 200 000.

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