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At present, the Humer Foundation is supporting the following four doctoral students:

Thiruni Kelegama – Anxious Integration: Development in Sri Lanka’s Post-War Frontier

Nathalie Marseglia – Craftsman - Artist - National Treasure: Preserving Cultural Heritage and its Effects on the Practices of Contemporary Japanese Ceramicsists and the Reception of their Works

Nina Rageth – Medicine and Religion. Traditional Tamil Medicine in the Context of Religious Institutions

Anusooya Sivaganesan – Forced to Marry. A Human Rights’ Violation within its Euro-Asian Entanglements


UNIVERSITY OF SALZBURG – European Union Studies
At present, the Humer Foundation is supporting the following six doctoral students:

Francesco Galletti – Varieties of Capitalism and the EMU Crisis: Assessing the Domestic Adjustments Variation

Hendrik Jungmann – Company Taxation in Europe: Evidence from Microdata

Thomas Lehner – Politicization and the Euro Crisis - Euroscepticism, Challengers and the Reaction of Mainstream Parties

Dominika Majorowski – The European Stability Mechanism – A Crisis Resolution Mechanism

Markus Tiefenbacher – Distributive Effects of fiscal measures within the Eurozone

James Huldrick Wilhelm – EU Issue Voting? Political Parties, European Integration Attitudes and the Vote


At present, the Humer Foundation is supporting the following two doctoral students:

Christopher Barratt – Speciation Patterns in the Lowland Forests of East Africa

Vladimir Wingate – Deforestation and Land Degradation in the Northern Communal Areas of Namibia

Three further scholarships were advertised in January 2017 in connection with the launch of the new Graduate Campus African Studies Basel.

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